Bespoke Drawer Fronts

Drawer Fronts

Pine Drawer Fronts

Bespoke pine drawer fronts for kitchens and cupboards

When you plan a kitchen makeover, you will also require replacement drawer fronts in matching styles to the cupboard doors.

We can make those to your sizes, as with the cupboard doors. They are made from 22mm A grade pine frame with matching pine panel.

As the height of the drawer fronts are often quite  shallow, whilst the uprights are maintained at 70 mm wide, the horizontal elements are reduced to maintain a sense of proportion ( see photographs of different sizes) Alternatively we can supply a plain drawer front up to 180mm deep.

Prices for the drawer fronts start from  £30.00

Pine Drawer Front Prices

The maximum size door we make is normally 2000mm high. We recommend that doors larger than 1200mm high are made in a 27mm thick frame as this reduces significantly the possibility of “warp”. The prices for drawer fronts can be found on the page for the style of cupboard doors you require

To find the price of your door, e.g 567mm H X 354mm W, round up to the next Larger size (600mm H X 400mm W.=  £38.00)

Pine Drawer Front Gallery

Take a look at a few of the projects we have completed manufacturing drawers for sideboards, kitchens and other furniture