Bespoke Victorian Style Pine Doors

Victorian Door

Pine Victorian Doors

Bespoke pine doors for kitchens and cupboards

The Victorian style door is made from a frame of  Grade A pine,nominally 70mm wide and 27mm thick. The frame has scribe  joints, and when glued and cramped up,the joint has greater strength than the wood itself.

The inner part of the frame has a 6mm groove to accept a flat panel. Victorian style moulding is then applied to the recessed panel . The panel is  individual lengths of pine 12mm thick and 150mm wide glued together rebated at the back to slot inside the panel frame.

The panels are cut to size so that they are a good fit and because of the rebating,they combine with the frame to add extra strength the the door. The doors are individually assembled then placed in a jig to ensure that they are square. After being glued and cramped the doors are  sanded when the joints are set. After the doors have been sanded the mouldings are cut  and mitred  to fit within the frame.

Victorian Style Pine Door Prices

The maximum size door we make is normally 2000mm high. Our Victorian style doors are normally made in a 27mm thick frame to accommodate the traditional style moulding, but can be made in the lighter 22mm thick frame.

To find the price of your door, e.g 567mm H X 354mm W, round up to the next Larger size (600mm H X 400mm W.=  £38.00)

Height/Width300mm (12″)400mm (16″)500mm (20″)600mm (24″)700mm (27″)800mm (32″)
300mm (12″)£45.00£47.00£52.00£55.00£58.00£61.00
400mm (16″)£47.00£52.00£55.00£58.00£61.00£65.00
500mm (20″)£52.00£55.00£58.00£61.00£65.00£69.00
600mm (24″)£55.00£58.00£61.00£65.00£69.00£74.00
700mm (27″)£58.00£61.00£65.00£69.00£72.00£79.00
800mm (31″)£61.00£65.00£69.00£74.00£79.00£84.00
900mm (36″)£65.00£69.00£74.00£79.00£84.00£90.00
1000mm (39″)£69.00£74.00£79.00£88.00£90.00£96.00
1100mm (43″)£74.00£79.00£84.00£90.00£96.00£101.00
1200mm (47″)£81.00£84.00£88.00£93.00£99.00£104.00
1300mm (51″)£87.00£93.00£99.00£105.00£110.00£115.00
1400mm (55″)£93.00£99.00£105.00£110.00£115.00£119.00
1500mm (59″)£98.00£104.00£109.00£114.00£119.00£124.00
1600mm (63″)£104.00£109.00£114.00£119.00£123.00£128.00
1700mm (67″)£109.00£114.00£119.00£123.00£128.00£132.00
1800mm (71″)£114.00£119.00£123.00£128.00£132.00£138.00

Victorian Style Pine Door Gallery

Take a look at a few of the projects we have completed manufacturing Victorian style cupboard doors for wardrobes, drawers, kitchens and other furniture