Bespoke Raised & Fielded Pine Doors

Raised Fielded Door

Pine Raised & Fielded Doors

Bespoke pine doors for kitchens and cupboards

The specifications for the raised and fielded wardrobe door are as for all doors over 1.2m high. They have a frame 70mm wide and 27mm thick with 18mm thick panels with a simple stylish profile to the panels.

All doors over 1.2m high have a recommended horizontal bar to the doors, which give added stability and create a two panel door as seen in the photograph on the right.

Our suggestion is a proportion of one third over two thirds, however you are free to choose whereabouts you have the stabilising bar, half way down, or one quarter, the choice is yours.

Raised & Fielded Pine Door Prices

Our cut off point is normally 2000mm and a maximum width of 780mm.

To price the doors go to page with the style you wish to order and email or telephone for a firm quotation.

To find the price of your door, e.g 567mm H X 354mm W, round up to the next Larger size (600mm H X 400mm W.=  £38.00)

Height/Width300mm (12″)400mm (16″)500mm (20″)600mm (24″)700mm (27″)800mm (32″)
300mm (12″)£45.00£47.00£52.00£55.00£58.00£61.00
400mm (16″)£47.00£52.00£55.00£58.00£61.00£65.00
500mm (20″)£52.00£55.00£58.00£61.00£65.00£69.00
600mm (24″)£55.00£58.00£61.00£65.00£69.00£74.00
700mm (27″)£58.00£61.00£65.00£69.00£72.00£79.00
800mm (31″)£61.00£65.00£69.00£74.00£79.00£84.00
900mm (36″)£65.00£69.00£74.00£79.00£84.00£90.00
1000mm (39″)£69.00£74.00£79.00£84.00£90.00£96.00
1100mm (43″)£74.00£79.00£84.00£90.00£96.00£101.00
1200mm (47″)£81.00£84.00£88.00£93.00£99.00£104.00
1300mm (51″)£87.00£93.00£99.00£105.00£110.00£115.00
1400mm (55″)£93.00£99.00£105.00£110.00£115.00£119.00
1500mm (59″)£98.00£104.00£109.00£114.00£119.00£124.00
1600mm (63″)£104.00£109.00£114.00£119.00£123.00£128.00
1700mm (67″)£109.00£114.00£119.00£123.00£128.00£132.00
1800mm (71″)£114.00£119.00£123.00£102800£132.00£138.00

Raised & Fielded Pine Door Gallery

Take a look at a few of the projects we have completed manufacturing Raised and Fielded style cupboard doors for Cupboards, drawers, kitchens and other furniture